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How do I install Jaco on my site?
Installing Jaco on your site is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is to put a code snippet, that we will generate for you, before the </head> of your HTML layout, and you are good to go.
Can I use Tag Manager to install Jaco?
Yes you can. Just create a “Custom HTML Tag” and drop our snippet in there. Once you will publish your Tag, all of your sessions will be recorded. If you are new to Tag Manager feel free to contact us at [email protected].
Can I prevent specific parts of my site from being recorded?
Sure you can! Either add the class “jaco-hide” to the HTML element you want to censor, or use our censorship tool in your account settings section.
Can I install Jaco on multiple domains?
Sure you can :) Just install your snippet on any of your site\environment and we will take care of the rest.
Is there an issue regarding my customers privacy?
Since customer privacy is of utmost importance to us, we have taken three actions to ensure it. First of all, we have decided to censor user input. Every character that your user will type will be represented by a “?” symbol in the recording. Secondly we have implemented a special class name “jaco-hide” that you can add to any HTML element that you want to censor. And third, we have created a tool for you to declare which parts of your site you want to censor.
Will Jaco slow my site loading time?
No. Performance is a top priority here at Jaco. Our code is asynchronous to ensure it does not block your site while it does its own thing, and we use Web Workers to offload the heavy parts of the recording process, so you won’t notice we’re even there. We guarantee that the impact to your site will be slim to none, but if you still have any concerns feel free to contact us, and we will send you a full performance report for your site :)
Can I install Jaco on my Single Page Application?
Jaco supports Single Page Applications out of the box. There is literally nothing you have to do besides adding our snippet to your site. Whether you are using AngularJS, Ember, Backbone or any other web framework we got you covered.
How long will it take for me to actually see sessions in my account?
Why wait? Jaco allows you to view live sessions as they take place. It will literally take a couple of seconds from the time a session begins to the time you can view it in your account.

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