Brand Guidelines

Please see below the Jaco assets and guidelines you should use when writing about us.

Download Brand Assets
a zip file of Jaco goodies

What you'll find inside

We have two sets of the Jaco logos for bright and dark backgrounds.

Bright Backgrounds
Dark Backgrounds

Use the right logo

Please be sure you’re using the regular logo for a bright background and the inverted logo for darker backgrounds.

Our official Colors

Feel free to use the official Jaco colors when displaying the logo and Wordmark.

Jaco Green
Jaco blue
Jaco Pink

What were you thinking?

A few humble requests of what you should never (ever) do to our beloved brand.

No flips
No rotations
No cropping
No fancy colors

And Please don't do these things as well:

  • Use the Jaco logo or Wordmark for your application's icon
  • Create a modified version of the Jaco logo or Wordmark
  • Integrate the Jaco logo or Wordmark into your logo
  • Use any Jaco artwork without permission